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Why Choose Accelerated Christian Education?

The A.C.E. curriculum is built upon these five basic laws of learning:

· Students must be at a level where they can perform.
· Reasonable goals must be set.
· Students must be controlled and motivated.
· Learning must be measurable.
· Learning must be rewarded.

From its beginning, over 35 years ago, the A.C.E. curriculum has held these goals:

· A solid, back-to-the-basics education program.
· A course of study individualized to meet a child's specific needs and learning capabilities.
· A program incorporating character-building and wisdom principles.
· A curriculum having available advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today's high-tech climate.

One significant result from adhering to these goals is that students score higher than their counterparts in conventional programs using the same standardized achievement tests.

Whether the student is a high achiever or a moderately paced learner, the A.C.E. educational process proceeds at the exact level determined by the child's ability.

Individualization makes it possible for each student to master the subject before moving on.  Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built.

Individualization-produced academic excellence.  Students take responsibility for their own learning.  Biblical character training received as part of this learning experience prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities that come their way.

Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to relationships and productive living are conveyed throughout the curriculum in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.

What services does A.C.E. provide?

Diagnostic Testing

Proper academic diagnosis is vital to your student's success.  Students enrolled in Lighthouse Christian Academy are given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery.  Experienced advisors custom design a course of study from the test results for each individual student.  Weak areas (gaps) are strengthened first; then the student continues, progressing at his/her achievement level.

Projected Course of Study

Advisors also prepare course of study for high school students, outlining all courses needed for graduation.  Four courses of study are offered; honors, college preparatory, general, and vocational.

High School Graduation / High School Diploma

When students have satisfied all their academic requirements, a High School Diploma will be issued from Lighthouse Christian Academy.  When final tests and grades are submitted, diplomas are mailed unless the student is planning to attend the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

Each spring, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba a formal ceremony is held for the graduating seniors who choose to participate.  This features graduates in caps and gowns, keepsake videotaping of the ceremony, and a reception with the Lighthouse Christian Academy staff.

Enrollment Services

Students enrolling in Lighthouse Christian Academy receive the full support services of a school administration office.  Academic records are maintained based on the tests and grades submitted by the parent.  Enrollment verification is provided as needed.

Transcript Services

Lighthouse Christian Academy maintains a permanent school record for each student.  Official transcripts are sent to schools and colleges as requested.  Transcripts and health records from previous schools are also held in the student's permanent file.

How can I enroll?

Enrollment Fees:

One time Family Registration Fee: $75.00

Grades 1-8 Tuition Fee: $300.00

Grades 9-12 Tuition Fee: $350.00

Please contact our office to complete the payment process.

The Registration Fee is non-refundable. The Tuition Fee is refundable for a limited time on a pro-rated basis.  

Please contact our office for further information.

If you would like to enroll in Lighthouse Christian Academy, please fill out the L.C.A. Registration Form.

If you have enrolled in the past with Lighthouse Christian Academy and would like to re-enroll, please fill out the L.C.A. Re-enrollment Form.

Or click here to download PDF version of the Handbook & Enrollment Form.

Provincial Requirements:

Parents are responsible to register their students with their province upon commencing homeschooling. Please check with the Ministry of Education for details.

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